Please read this if you operate a retail/refreshment outlet!

I said yesterday I'd tell you more about some of the work going on behind the scenes. Well, here's the first bit. As we prepare to fully re-open our retail businesses, a project is underway to compile an online resource for locals and visitors. This will show information about all of our retailers on Alston Moor/CA9 (including pubs, cafes etc., but excluding accommodation), highlight the measures they've taken to be Covid-Safe, and explain what they expect customers to do when visiting. This is being paid for by some EU funding that all towns are able to access via their local authority. The site is under construction, and will have a QR code associated with it that can be placed on signs and leaflets for people to scan. It's at the stage now where it needs to be populated by you, for your business, and you can do that here:

Listings are completely free. Local accommodation providers have asked for this type of resource to be provided for their guests to access, and there will be further exposure through other channels. So, it's hoped that you'll spend 5 minutes to get your business onto the site; why wouldn't you?! It'll also save me (and other volunteers) time chasing you up, so thanks in anticipation :)

‘Know Before You Go’ public information campaign

This works hand in hand with the 'We're Good To Go' industry standard mark that I sent details about yesterday.

More pubs, restaurants and cafes will be able to serve customers outdoors in plans announced by the government