"A day out on the Alston Essentials van with Liz as my partner in crime is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done.

I may have driven all over Europe and into Asia as well but to be driving around the back roads of Slaggyford and the outlying areas has certainly been a wonderful experience with such beautiful views in this fantastic weather we have been having.

Myself and Liz had really not connected since school days bar in passing at church so what I want to say and get over is how 'Friendship out of Adversity' has been forged. Not just between Liz and myself but with all our customers as well. 

Most call us by our names, we always stop and have a socially distant natter with them and it is our hope that when we can legally do so to have a big party with them. The residents in that catchment area are all so friendly. 

The teams from Sadlers, the Whole Food shop, Mad Hatters and the Nook work so amazingly hard behind the scenes and we always have a laugh when loading the van up. There are others as well such as the staff at Moredun Garage, again people behind the scenes helping us stay out on the road. 

I have also worked with other members of the team who I never knew before. Now we are friends and we all enjoy doing the Alston Essentials van. Well done everyone involved & Yes Dug I will get my bike out one day!"