The snowdrops and daffodils have ended and the bluebells are beginning to come out .Theres the farmers going about their busy lives with lots of new born lambs in the fields and the ewes munching on whatever grass is available. People are varying their activities whether it be struggling with DIY ,or gardening ,or exercising . —-(in their own gardens if self isolating or enjoying walking their dog or just out walking in the lovely Countryside for their daily exercise ) . Often people stepping out of their their front doors to have a chat with someone passing by , especially at 8pm on Thursdays when it’s a round of applause for the NHS.

The Post Office/ shop is being run by Christine Brown who is doing her best for everyone in the Village by keeping the provisions well stocked , running the Post Office side and all with a smile and a chat. .

Help is at hand from various people to do shopping locally in Alston . The Alston Essentials van is seen weekly in the village depositing shopping and medications with those people who are self isolating. Out of town Supermarket vans can be seen ( rarely in the early days ) now delivering to those still lucky enough to get a slot.

People are still working from home whilst others have been furloughed or have in fact lost their employment , and some of these people will be finding it hard to manage in the weeks to come but, help is at hand through our local Charities on the Moor.

Children, no longer at school , finding it hard to study at home , when home should be where they play,spend happy times with family.Parents are juggling too many things at once..

St Johns Church is locked with services being on line but not everyone here has access to a computer. The church is offering a buddy phone system, some residents are already phoning elderly persons who want that contact here.

Usually in May we would expect to see-a great number of Cyclists and Walkers visiting the Village , or those just out for a country drive, often using the Village Hall and Toilets , both closed. . Leading the Village to be a Very Sleepy but Still Pretty Village.

Elaine —— Garrigill Rep on the AMERG.