• Self-isolating because you’re ill, older or have a health problem? Use this service.

• Avoiding any ventures from home that aren’t genuinely essential, as expected by the government? Use this service.

• Live on Alston Moor including Kirkhaugh and Ayle? Use this service

• Live in the Slaggyford, Lambley, Halton Lea Gate or Coanwood areas? Use this service.

How do I get it?

• Contact one of the participating shops, place your order and pay remotely in the way requested (online BACS payments, card payments)

• Please do one or two big orders a week – we will not deliver single items.

Participating shops (currently) are

  • Alston Wholefood Shop: 01434 381588

  • The Nook Farm Shop: 0741 5029398

  • Sadlers Bakery (for bread) 0749 4129845

  • Mad Hatters 01434 382991

When will my delivery arrive?

This is the current schedule, but as more people use the service, arrangements may change, so do check back on here .

Please place your order a working day before the delivery day – so for Monday deliveries, you’ll need to order on Saturday.

  • Monday: Nenthead and Garrigill

  • Tuesday: No deliveries

  • Wednesday: No deliveries

  • Thursday: Slaggyford, Lambley, Halton Lea Gate and Coanwood

  • Friday: Alston, Kirkhaugh, Ayle

  • Saturday and Sunday no deliveries

What will delivery cost?

Nothing!!! This is a free service for the whole of the Alston Moor Church Parish, which reaches down to Halton Lea Gate and Coanwood. It is run entirely by volunteers.

What about other food shops?

At the moment, we can’t include the Co-op or Spar because they have no way to accept remote payments. If this changes, we will use them as well.

Organised by St Augustine’s Parish Church with Alston Moor Parish Council, and support from our County and District councillors.

Liz Walton: 0779 5822251

(Please only ring Liz for actual queries. You should really only be ringing the shop itself)