Michelle Walker,  Sonya Ridley,   Kathy Morris and  Leanne Bowers have been looking after clients on Alston Moor throughout the crisis, helping them with personal care, keeping healthy,  looking after their households and keeping their spirits up. Sonya says 'the clients have been amazing , nothing's fazed any of them . We've not lost any clients to covid throughout the entire company and we cover from Alston to Carlisle,  Penrith to Appleby and Shap , We've never had to struggle for PPE , been given everything we've needed . The support from management and trainer's has been amazing,  we've had regular updates on government advice and protocol , couldn't have gone better . Couldn't have asked for a better team to work with during this crisis'. It's great to have this team looking after some of the most vulnerable among us. Thank You!