Drug Monitoring

Patients should not be frightened to come in to the surgery for such things as drug monitoring. It is important that patients on certain drugs continue to have their blood monitored. When the patient comes in to the surgery they are given a surgical mask to wear. A nurse or doctor meets them in the waiting room, wearing a mask, eye protection, plastic apron and surgical gloves (personal protective equipment).

Minor Injuries

We are continuing to treat minor injuries. If you have a minor injury, please phone the surgery. Due to the pandemic the Minor Injuries Unit is shut but the surgery is still able to see patient and assess and treat the injury. If your injury is more severe we may need to send you for care elsewhere.

Care Planning

We are continuing to do Care Planning. The Care Plan is a document which is kept in the home. If you need to be admitted to hospital unexpectedly or if you have called an ambulance, the Care Plan is very useful as it contains your medical details such as past medical history, current medication, next of kin and treatment wishes. All of this helps the paramedic and/or hospital doctor. Please ring the surgery if you would like to have a Care Plan.


We ask that 48 hours’ notice is given to process prescription requests. The dispensary has been very busy and we have had reduced staffing levels due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic. There has been a big increase in demand for prescriptions. Despite this we have been able to cope. There have been ongoing medication shortages in lots of areas and the staff have worked very hard to find other sources of supply or alternative medication.

We think that we are lucky to live in such a supportive and self-reliant community. The response has been fantastic with multiple levels of self-support such as The Alston Essential Delivery Service which has been vital in getting medication to people who have been self-isolating. Other recently initiated services which have been very helpful are the local Alston Moor Help Line (647247, 9am to 6pm every day), The Alston Phone a Friend Scheme, Alston Moor Foodbank and Alston United Charities (grants for financial assistance). Our thanks also goes out to the local Ambulance Service which has been staffed around the clock in the last six weeks. All of this has been coordinated by the Alston Moor Emergency Response Group and we would like to thank all of the volunteers who have given many hours to make all of this a success.