Re-opening and adapting your business and managing Covid-19 risks

Only those businesses permitted may re-open. Prior to re-opening you MUST check updates on the Government’s list

Eden District Council is working with Cumbria County Council, Town and Parish Councils and a wide range of businesses and other organisations to ensure as much as possible that there is an understanding of the requirements that must be in place before re-opening.

It is imperative that social distancing requirements remain in place in order to ensure transmission of infection is minimised and we can work towards the government’s next phase.

A responsibility is placed on each business to carry out and implement an assessment that identifies the risks and controls associated with Covid-19. A useful checklist can be found at the end of this document which will assist you in meeting your obligations.

Below are links to the most up to date information to assist you in the risk assessment process, as follows:

  • Guidance on safe working by employment sector
  • The Food Standards Agency
  • Additional Advice from The Health and Safety Executive on Covid 19
  • Have you completed the 5 steps to compliance? (Consider Display of your Certificate)
  • Have you considered Legionella Risks?
  • Limit the number of people in the shop and control entry so that the premises do not become overcrowded.
  • Maintain queue control outside of shops and other essential premises so that the 2 metre rule is observed by those waiting in the queue – customers must not be allowed to congregate or loiter.
  • Use signage and floor markings to direct people around the premises and maintaining a 2 metre distance.
  • Create a ‘one way’ system, by closing off aisles and using signage to direct customers to move in the same continuous direction.
  • Close the premises if it becomes too busy.
  • Staff may need to act as stewards to advise customers on social distancing.

Customers should not be directly in front of the till operator. Options to control risk include:

Provide a ‘sneeze screen’ barrier to protect both customers and the till operative.

Alternatively, create an exclusion zone around the till area with a customer notice ‘Please stand behind the line while being served’

Contactless payments are encouraged. Place a sign at the till ‘Please use contactless payment if you are able to do so. Contactless payment is available for purchases up to £45’

Frequent cleaning and disinfection of shared customer touch points including handheld checkout devices, keypads at check out, fridge/freezer handles, escalator and staircase handrails, on site ATMs etc.

Further information is available on the following websites

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Social distancing pdf document to download.


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