Alix Martin began self-isolating in early March, concerned at the way Covid 19 was moving rapidly across the world. As the emergency developed she had the foresight to create the website which has been an invaluable source of up to date information.  She used her IT expertise to help volunteers and key agencies to plan together via zoom, while working from her front room.   "The world has come to me!" says Alix.

Alix has put in an amazing 500 hours of unpaid volunteer time over the past 4 months which is evidence of her level of committment to keeping members of the community safe and healthy  during the crisis. She has also done some paid work through her Alston Webweavers business, which enabled the AMERG site to be live very quickly.

The website is now turning its attention to the recovery phase, and Alix is still very busy putting togeher the information from businesses and services which are reopening. 

So, a massive 'Thank You' goes to Alix for all the work you have done and continue to do, and to Hashtag for putting a smile on all our faces in those long Zoom meetings.